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two zero one six

I haven't been around lately, sorry. I guess I'd been busy with certain things...primarily spending most of December 2015 until the 2nd of January in between Long Beach, California, LA and Burbank and mostly camped in cars for hikes with people (the family and some friends) and stuff.

Anyway...YES! 2016. I rang it with the family fine and here's to hoping everything is good this year until the next. Here's to another year Haha.

What have I been up to lately...? A girl friend, one of many, helped me get this Start Journal from the local Bo's Cafe/Coffee House.

Upon getting it and owning it for just a night tops for now, I've devolved into someone using ballpoint pens and finepoint signpens to color the pages...including pencils. Yes.

I'm primarily a doodler/writer...not necessarily obsessed with coloring books but thanks anyway for making me realize I cannot color and think in color to save my life. Life in colors? Nah...contrary to what others may think...I'm super monotone. It's a sad life I live---black, grey, white is my official lifetime palette.

Also, apparently, I'm invested in putting anything re: fandom in the thing. Da-iCE will infest anything I have, it seems. So much for them advocating love of what's local. Don't worry, I still love Bo's as equally as the other cafes...I just...probably still prefer Coffee Bean more. This one good bff is just making me spend more time in Bo's more than any other cafes recently just because...but I'm fine with it. And I never was able to get the CBTL Giving Journal I've been aiming to get for forever now. It's all thanks to the December USA trip. ;^; But this is a decent alternative although it is too flowery for my taste on the cover... Moleskins are too expensive for me so I settled for this notebook. :\ Didn't think about getting something similar, with a minimal cover design from National Bookstore like I did with last year's pocket sized planner so...

Daiso is awesome not only for the notebook but for the rubber stamps as well. I use it to mark dates on the diy planner every now and then. Of course, I have other rubber stamps as well. I might just have become addicted to them lately. That and stickers. I'd decorate the planner, organizer, journal and all in one with them and probably some photos I'd get printed out. I still need an instax mini. But yay for a non-boring planner this year. :D Here's to hoping I don't forget it exists because I tend to ignore planners after the quarter of the year is done or so. This is why I never buy the pre-templated planners like Belle De Jour anymore. Aside from them being too expensive (I'm cheapie and practical so I'd rather go for a 100-200+ National Bookstore brand, possibly Stradmore planner over those fancy ones Rappler just ennumerated in one article that cost up to 1000+), they never really seem to fit my tastes and needs. A planner is a planner, there's no need to go for something bigger unless it was something like the one from Bo's a friend who's a fan of Bo's helped me with. That Start Journal feels more like a tedious activitiy book than anything like a proper journal. If it was filled with just blank pages, I would have been happier or if it was a writing and thinking journal instead. :\ I love visual art, like coloring, charcoaling and stuff but at this time, I can only think in monotones. It's a sad, bleak life.

More creative projects? I don't really know yet, those are the only things I'm doing these days. I'll keep updating the main blog this time, however, so keep an eye out. Seeing as I have really limited internet connection nowadays. I'm frequently not online because loading 100 Php for the 7-day flexitime prepaid package is a pain when regularly done so, so yes, I've been mighty scarce even more. Internet in airports in other countries I've been to is better than this. Surfmax is just one huge disappointment at this time. :\

Bonus few things...

Having the US planes (we went by Delta Airlines) have international transfers at Narita Airport in Tokyo is a wondrous thing. I'm just berating myself until now why I never hauled anything from the pharmacy by our gate I went to where I got the magazines from. And still, no Junon so *cry* Also, that's totally Kanjani8 on Cancam's cover. I've become less of a fan from the last time I enjoyed this one show of theirs. I just picked up that one for its contents. I'm still an eternal Vivi stan however. The keychain is the only bit of Japan that's indestructible and can last a long time that I was able to get from the souvenir shop at the said airport. Oh and I'm still holding out for the right occasion to use that Peanuts Sweet(?) x Ungrid tote that came with the Sweet magazine. It seems I still have one too many totes from aunts and cousins I haven't been using much lately. The strawberry printed one is still my favorite all around tote among most of those.

It's a trip to the US. I just had to stock up on stuff. I'm pretty much all set for the rest of 2016. But I'd probably get some Boots/No7 or Yes to Blueberries etc packs of towelettes next time when the VS Pink pack runs out. They're highly useful when you're on the run most of the time. Also, when you're too lazy to wash your face at night. Most of the face serums and stuff are organic and free of sulfates and parbens, yes. Indeed I'm pretty much set for the rest of 2016.

And belated happy new year to y'all. :)


sunny jamaica represent! an OMI, me 4 u record review

This is way, way, way overdue and I feel like I have a ton of posts like this to catch-up on/churn with the amount of music records/albums I devour on an almost daily basis. Okay, maybe every week or so? This week alone, I've already gone through Carly Rae Jepsen's Kiss record/album as I have fallen hopelessly, crazily, insanely (crazy and insane are synonymous but whatever...) in love with the track titled Good Time she collab-ed with Owl City with---I came across the song and MV on Channel V as usual. I've also tried some of Owl City's works but I'm on the fence with whether I should review this or not...for certain reasons. And I've been listening over and over to Years and Years and Walk the Moon and I never really even made any reviews for those pretty epic records both groups/bands released this year or around late last year (?...not so sure). Yeah, yeah, I'll work on a review for both Years and Years' Communion and Walk the Moon's Talking is Hard soon. Very soon. Just don't expect it to come out late this week. I might be able to get it out sometime next week or so.

OMI intrigued me so much when Channel V had him as their newbie highlighted artist for a certain time last month. Prior to finding out Cheerleader was actually an OMI original, I'd first heard it from Pentatonix...several times (they're apparently an AXN favorite among others) and thought it was a Pentatonix original. After hearing so much of OMI mentions over and over---say, maybe about a week?---from Channel V (yes, in case you're wondering, when I have nothing better to do, I actually park a whole lot there and very rarely do so in the local MTVPinoy...our cable provider's package we subscribe to doesn't include Myx, apparently), I finally jumped the gun to try his full length record, Me 4 U. The overplayed, and what evolved as kids' today's anthem, Cheerleader aside, I thought I'd finally found the right record to load into my iPad and bring with me to the plane to Manila, to the bus from Manila to Bagac, Bataan and back the past week or so.

Feel good, summer-y music is my default jam. If you see me with my headphones on, dancing randomly to some music I'm playing on any player on hand, it's likely that kind I'm listening to. And hell yes! OMI's Me 4 U is god-sent as it is filled with really good Jamaican-chill, feel-good music influenced pop tracks. It wasn't too tiring to listen to on the bus ride from Manila or NCR to Balanga, Bataan and the car ride from Balanga to Bagac. The tracks flowed from one to the next organically until it reaches full circle at the end of the record or the last track of the record that it's decided that it's high up there with the many records I consider decent like, say Tove Lo's Queen of the Clouds among others. I'm a sucker for an well-pieced together record that when one listens to it, one notices that every track is a perfect fit to said record, to the artist's style or music identity and more. This organic flow from one track to the next is one huge requirement for me to give any music record or album a grade of A- to A or even an A+ should I find its contents really excellent to the point it's something I'd never tire of playing over and over and over.

This, sans the fact that I begrudgingly retired OMI's Me 4 U on the drive back from Bagac, Bataan to the Metro because every kid I'd hung out with---generally, I don't hang out with kids but there weren't much people my age to talk everything sensible with at that time...?---to make way for, well, playing a lot of SOLIDEMO. The kids' endless looping of OMI's Cheerleader and singing to it even without its music (acapella) basically got to me between days 2 and 3 in Bagac with the family and the extended family. Thank heavens the kids only got ahold of this track via mainstream media (local radio stations, music tv stations, etc) and not the whole record from OMI otherwise I'd probably never gone through with this review had I heard the whole record over and over and over and over from kids about 3/4ths of my age. There's a point to overplaying beautiful records and saturating me with it because, like anyone sane and normal, I do get sick of just listening to one artist and one song or one full record of his/hers/theirs on eternal loop. It probably helps that the kids who were singing to Cheerleader do not yet have any idea how it's just a small part of a great big thing: Me 4 U. May it remain that way or I may just end up strangling someone or something...hnnn... how do I go about this, this time?

Highlights of OMI's Me 4 U record for me are these three:
Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit)
Hula Hoop

Aside from Pentatonix's beautiful acapella cover of Cheerleader, I've never really gotten around to checking out other mixes of this highly viral---to the point that it sickens me sometimes---OMI track. It was however instant love once I heard the album version which is the Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit of this track.

Hula Hoop sounds dangerously similar to Cheerleader. Well, we could say that the tracks (all of them) in Me 4 U have similarities because they share a gene---they're Jamaican chill, relaxing music-influenced. The root of their similarity might be the fact that they're very reggae at the core. Jamaica is known for reggae music after all---Bob Marley, to name a few. So if I said Hula Hoop sounds similar to Cheerleader, I actually mean it gives off the same musical vibe somehow. It's not as lively as Cheerleader and it may not have the easy to sing to lyrics like Cheerleader has (even kids would get it, Cheerleader, that is) but right up there with the latter, this makes me want to dance all night the beach, with the sand under my feet and the moon and stars right above my, and everyone else's head. Oh and of course, with the sound of the non-violent waves next to me.

Even less than both Cheerleader and Hula Hoop is Hitchhiker. I say less because even if I included it in my top 3, it's actually a tad bit different to the two lively tracks in terms of musical pacing. You can still dance to Hitchhiker however it's slower in musical pace compared to both Cheerleader and Hula Hoop that are livelier. What drew me to Hitchhiker might have been how catchy it is in the chorus. It's definitey one of the right-up-there-up-high songs for me from Me 4 U.

Before I move on to the so-so part of the record, I'll go to my least favorite. This record can actually do without the title track, Me 4 U. I'm aware the said track should be there because the record is titled Me 4 U after all, after this track however, to me, this is the weakest in the record. Sure, the lady singer/vocalist OMI duets with on this track makes this one a gem but to me, when I listen to it, I actually make of this track as one that flirts more with the generic pop tune types. There's less to no jamaican reggae, chill musical influence to Me 4 U which is disappointing because this is the track that the album's title comes from. Yep, I often do skip this track whenever I'm on an OMI, Me 4 U binge.

Babylon is a bit of a sleeper for me. I don't have any particularly defined strong feeling for it. While I'm at it, I'd lump These are the Days with Babylon. Drop in the Ocean has its sparks (also, it can come off cute at times), particularly from the middle towards the end of it but is as much a sleeper as Babylon and These are the Days is. Promise Land is just so-so for me. I feel like I can actually skip this one along with the few others that I can do so within frequent listening in on the record.

Standing on All Threes is straddling the line between being a sleeper and just a tad bit interesting for me because this seems to be the one track that's really very reggae. Very, very chill reggae. Color of My Lips is right there along with Standing on All Threes in terms of being heavily Jamaican chill reggae-influenced. I just can't seem to muster interest on this one. Standing on All Threes is the better of the two. Stir It is a more popified, a more modernized Jamaican chill-reggae track. Other than the beat, there's not much very Jamaican about it should you pit it with the tracks mentioned on this paragraph. I'd rather go with Fireworks than with Stir It if we're to group together which among the album heavily leans on Jamaican reggae, chill music roots. On the contrary, I actually feel a lot more for Fireworks over the three: Standing on All Threes, Color of My Lips and Stir It. I can picture this track a mainstay at Jamaican music live houses and clubs. It'd also most likely be a favorite in the ones in Ibiza.

Midnight Serenade, however romantic it should feel like, isn't really my cup of tea in this record. It's not really down there with Me 4 U in my book but I feel like this track should have been placed elsewhere...maybe the second album or as a single b-side, not to be released elsewhere.

Sing It Out Loud, the album version that is a Freddy Verano Remix---it says so in its tag---doesn't feel so much like a closing track which is what I like about this record. It's not one of my favorites but it makes easing back to the first track feel or seem effortless. It makes putting the record on eternal loop painless should anyone go for a second or third listen to it. know, you can play the thing endlessly and never really tire of it despite the weak links. It's not a perfect record but it's pretty damn near perfect just because the Jamaican chill reggae music influence (or DNA) is right there, imprinted on 13/14th of the record, minus Me 4 U.

This record is probably something I'd classify as an adult contemporary one. Stir It isn't kids' appropriate. It's not very blatant but if you listened to it carefully especially around its lyrics, it's actually about sexual intercourse or is an invitation of one. Very, very suggestive. Fireworks also is pretty much adult, lyrics-wise. The chorus says so anyway if you had as dirty a mind as I have while listening to it. Haha.

Nope, even if it's bubblegum, reggae-pop and relaxing, I wouldn't recommend this record to very, very young kids. The explorative, more curious pre-teens, teens and young adult might get the concept of the whole record though. There are some pretty kids friendly tracks in here like Cheerleader, however. For the contemplative, I'd go with Hitchhiker and the always on her/his toes for dance-romantic, maybe Hula Hoop. Either way, like ready-to-digest pop music everywhere, it's best to go into OMI's Me 4 U record with an open mind. It offers something to everyone of every walk of life...unless, maybe, you're the kind who prefers the classical music. Then...hmn...let's leave it at that.

If I were a DJ-music producer, would I put this full album out for the whole club I'm playing at to hear? I wouldn't. I'd keep this record for personal listening pleasure. It's a good record put on loop to drive to somewhere far to. As far as club music from OMI's Me 4 U goes, I'd only go with Hula Hoop and Cheerleader...and because it is the closest thing to EDM in this record, These Are the Days (Luca Schreiner Remix), too. I'd play the rest for people in the club or live music venue to wind down the remaining minutes or so of the night to.

Other than the tracks, what I really like about the artist, OMI, himself? His DICTION. His singing diction, specifically. It's the best thing in the record by far. It's most likely the one driving force behind this record that made me like it so much. It makes listening to the record, even if you come to it with a blank or troubled messy mind, so easy to do. Once you get into Me 4 U, due to OMI's magnificent diction and on point singing, there's really no going back.

Should I expect the next album to be better than this? I don't think so. I think OMI's music can only evolve this much. Jamaican chill, appropriate for the beach reggae music is his music identity or signature...deviating from it as it is what he has established himself on from the get go with most of Me 4 U would likely polarize his fanbase. I, for one, as a loose and highly casual music listener with 0 loyalties to any artist would walk out the OMI fandom the moment I hear a not-very-OMI-like record or track following this already decent full-length record.

I'm grading this record an A-.

me, just playing around

on a few things about...well, things...

Lately, you might notice that I've been having one too many absences on a lot of my social media accounts. There are a number of reasons for that:

  • Internet problems. Smartbro sucks. Period.

  • Computer problems. I love this blue and black, tiny, handy Acer laptop/notebook to the tips of my heart and all but it's getting slower somehow. I'm due to get a new one soon. Probably sometime...early next year should all things go well by then. It's at the top of the what-to-get-for-myself list at this time.

  • Real life. Real life's a mess. It's ladden with personal problems that are equally as messy and those that I don't disclose to anyone at random. This post is public so pretty much it's readers/audience count as a 'anyone random.' There's enough drama in real life that there's no need for it in the vast cyber community.

  • I'm minimizing my overrated presence online while also downsizing on social networking sites accounts. I really don't need a lot of social networking sites accounts...

  • I've somehow lost interest in a ton of fandoms or stuff I flail on. This probably has much to do with the problematic real life and the fact that I don't seem to be listening to so much jpop and traditional song and background music lately. I currently have a fixation with chill deep house and/or melodic house music sets on youtube so that might have exacerbated my growing indifference to traditional, basic pop music.

  • I feel like I don't really owe anyone anything when it comes to how I run my social networing accounts among others. In the online world, and this also applies to life offline, in the real world, I don't really owe anything to anyone including the readers/audience of this blog. It's the same with the one I just renamed fashionnutcase. It's/they're my blog/s and my social media accounts so I have liberty enough how I should run them.

  • Social media stresses me out so... Lately, this has been the case so I'm withdrawing from it as much as possible and only posting stuff as necessary.

....well, that's a string of...hmn...things I felt I needed to let out here.

Should I be needed for anything from here, do send me an email at the address I provided at the sticky post up there. That one is staying in there for awhile. I also check comments and twitter direct messages from time to time. I reply to them although often times, it's done so selectively. I'm still the typical fangirl so yes, @kg_0917 and popculture etc. will remain semi-active. I'll tweet and post something on fandom from time to time but as to the won't be as frequently as it were before. I don't post much about real life. It's boring, I don't need mine to be livened up by social media either. If I posted something about real life somewhere, it'd be here, on friends' only mode.

As for the closest friends I'd met here and everywhere else, there's my mobile phone number. Use it to abuse my inbox or something. I have some spare time to spend on any device anyway. But if I don't ever reply, it means I don't have any sms and call credits and likely won't be having any for a while until I need them. I like reading long ass text stuff on anywhere, mobile phone inbox or not so I'm likely to read those things you sent even if they're about nothing in particular useful sense.

I go on Line every once in a while. I can only use the PC version at this time, however. My ipad doesn't allow me to be on there for some reason these days. :( Should I be online when you are, do feel free to click on my username for a chat or something.

Editing things, sifting through contents, working on blog content ideas, feels great to be doing things, actually, and not just lurking around Twitter. :) It's like decluttering and phasing out out-of-season clothes...very...liberating.

Moving on...

....speaking of fandom...
Here are a few things that came by me a couple of months or so ago:

I'll just say this: the contents of the Da-iCE photobook are, kill-me-now divine. I wish SOLIDEMO were also doing a photobook or at least made one but their calendar seems decent for next year. I want one. I'm too broke to get it, though, along with their 8 Collars album. Ugh. As an aside and although as a general rule, I usually am not into actors (I'm always into artists more), I'd like to have a copy of Takeuchi Ryoma's Ryomania, too. I like his acting. If there's one thing that made me turn my head to notice Takeuchi Ryoma, it's his expressiveness. He knows what to do with his face to showcase the appropriate emotion on a certain scene. Also, these expressions he shows the vast audience vary greatly. In a nutshell: he can actually act. Other than that, I actually think he's pretty good looking (smexy). Given his height and build for someone running 22-23 or 24, yep, he's one smoking son of a...and I'm done here. The lol EP came straight from Japan (Tokyo) on a recent trip my parents had there this year...on my birthweek no less. My dad couldn't find SOLIDEMO's Girlfriend single and Da-iCE's Fight Back album I also asked him to look into so...heh. It's okay. I'm planning to get those next time unless they're already out of print. :(

What I have been perusing over and over lately. I'm forming an obsession with Charlie XCX as well, especially since I love the 90s vibe she exudes in her music videos and even her lifestyle in general. All hail the 90s! The Vivi and the Da-iCE photobook came in together in the mail. I love that the former has Mackenyu who's from Kamen Rider Drive's movie, Surprise Future. I can't wait to see it once it gets released by subbers with the appropriate English subs. Kamen Rider Drive is my current toku obsession because of so many things...mainly the cast. I wish Takeuchi Ryoma every good thing he deserves for having been played a huge part in the toku-rider series. He's really good. :D

The Da-iCE photobook and the Vivi mag came with these from kat_desu. I've only managed to watch 2 of Tye Sheridan's movies yet---Mud became an instant like but not really favorite---and in between bouts of re-watching some Kamen Rider Drive stuff, I'll look into popping Whiplash's DVD ang Kingsman's into the DVD player some time...

I have a bunch of things lined up to watch for the Halloween weekend and I won't even be home by then so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get into watching those films I've been meaning to watch for eons now.

As for other things...yes, I'm watching Kamen Rider Ghost weekly. I'll probably pick up a jdrama or two some day. I haven't even watched any decent Japanese film lately. Since tokusatsu is the most accessible, it's the only thing I've been into recently.

I only watch a bit of the usual tv shows I do these's ETC I'm abusing on the local cable channel because of The Flash season 2 (I missed last week's episode...yes), Supergirl (it's premiering on there today), Scream Queens (I don't like Ryan Murphy and avoid anything he does as much as I can as a personal principle but this is a decent series, so...), iZombie (I don't know what makes this show so good, it just really is...I'm not a fan of zombies) and Candidly Nicole Season 2 (Nicole is hilarious, she might be my spirit animal or something...).

Music: because this warrants its own space here...
MH Musique has been a fixation these days. Their 2015 autumn playlist is my current jam. I also lurk in Sensual Musique from time to time. If you guys know of any such similar youtube channels or maybe people in spotify or elsewhere offering the same kind of music---1-2 hours long of feel good, chill, deep house and melodic house (electronic) music---they do, feel free to suggest any of them to me. :)

Anyway, until next time.

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girl, backless white dress, I want this dress

halloween 2015

Halloween is, perhaps, my favorite time of the year. My fondness for it eclipses even the fondness I have for my personal holiday (birthday), Christmas and the New Year’s. I’ve had a long love affair with it dating back to my pre-teens to early teens when I used to tune in on Sunday nights to businessman and psychic, Jaime T. Licauco’s A.M. frequency radio program---it probably isn’t running any more by now---and when on Halloween weekends, I would camp on the couch, in front of the TV to watch an hour of Magandang Gabi, Bayan’s Halloween (day of the dead/all souls’ day) special shielded from everything scary and eerie on screen by a blanket. I grew up in the 90s where cult TV shows highly influenced by everything Halloween-y and supernatural like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed were mass favorites. The 90s era that I grew up in were also rife with films of the same vein as those aforementioned cult TV shows like The Craft and remakes of 60s-80s slasher flicks such as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. To illustrate how huge a fan I was of the occult, supernatural and the unexplained way back when, I even once attempted Wicca spells and considered converting to Paganism---weird thing is, I’m not really religious to begin with---in order to practice Wicca. This then brings us to my…

….2015 halloween plans
Two years ago, my friends and I played dress up and had a small gathering. While it was fun, a lot of them have moved on and almost all of us are apart from each other already so there’s no chance we’re replicating that feat. Unless, maybe, I make new friends which isn’t likely going to happen anytime the remainder of this year yet. I don’t really party out a lot so Halloween this year is something I’ve decided to be spent at home, doing movie marathons of iconic 90s, cult films:

  1. The Craft

  2. The Adams Family

….I might add some teen-young adult slasher flicks in there but I haven’t gotten around to doing so, yet, anyway. Should I not be able to find a third, fourth and fifth film to add to the list, you (readers) are free enough to suggest anything to me at the comments’ section below this entry. I might have missed some 90s Halloween-themed flicks I would have liked should I have seen them back then.

And as a self-confessed neurotic…
After 2 botched attempts at a water fast which was intended to last a full day then gradually a couple of days to three days at most, I'm back to just yoyoing around with a fruits+veggies+herbs/spices smoothies, infused fruits+herbs/spices waters and green teas among others. It'll be awhile before I can go on a juice fast seeing as juicers today cost around 14K-22K Php. I should be able to afford one in two to three months next year.


And...I actually have things I need to do today...

jpop, cutie2, Avex

the jboyband that does not need autotune: SOLIDEMO

I wrote this on Twitter one time yesternight or so: If you're looking for a Japanese boyband that does not need autotune, there's no need to look from one jimusho to another because Avex has it: SOLIDEMO. With the amount of music I listen to from SOLIDEMO this past two to three days, I'm considering using that aforementioned tweet my pinned tweet. Haha.

They strike three things done well: 1 they're good looking: see Nakayama Yuki, Teshima Akito and I'm willing to admit even Sawaki Keiichi, Kimata Hiroyuki and Yamaguchi Tomoya appeal to me in some way and they're not really my type of good looking, Shunei, Takeshi, Kazuya are somewhere behind Yuki and Akito for me in terms of looks; 2 they can sing...YES THEY CAN!---with the winner of 2013 Avex Audition singing subsection, Teshima Akito, HELL YES, they can sing! The other SOLIDEMO members aren't smallfry either and even most of their tracks somehow become an Akito-Kazuki-Takeshi-Shunei singing fest, Yuki, Hiroyuki, Tomoya and Keiichi have their own vocal ranges and styles that complete the listening experience (I, however, often times wish I hear more of Yuki :( seems like these four are always stuck behind the four frontline singers as harmonizers/backing vocals); and 3, well, their dancing is decent BSB-level's salvageable. Pretty much acceptable for a boygroup or boyband.

A small tidbit about SOLIDEMO and lol ((エルオーエル): SOLIDEMO's Teshima Akito and lol ((エルオーエル)'s Sato Yusuke got their tickets into their respective groups via the 2013 Avex Auditions. Akito went on to win the male singing GP trophy, Yusuke grabbed the trophy for the acting subsection or division. I once thought it was Yusuke who won in the singing division but now I know better since stumbling upon SOLIDEMO. I actually was just looking into probably getting into Bridget two days ago but I ended up becoming more of a SOLIDEMO fan. I find Bridget somehow difficult to get into, yet. They're not as radio-, listeners-friendly as these two: Da-iCE that had their major debut in 2013 and SOLIDEMO that had theirs on 2014.

But as always, when it comes to looking into good jboygroups, the total feel of the group is always something I find hard to dismiss. It's the most important and I've been fangirling over a lot of jboygroups since time immemorial---before that, it was you know I'm a veteran at this who's been there since the boybands boom of the 90s. Anyway, SOLIDEMO: Music = good (grade A)---see The One and Girlfriend, the two EDM heavy tracks: Heroine and Rafflesia are just as good, the former for their topnotch harmonies; Handsomeness = they're really tall and Yuki is really cute (what is it with Japan's Yukis that they're often always really cute?!?!?!) and Akito is...well, he's the youngest and a mesh of handsome-cute...? (grade: A++) Presentability: have you seen their wardrobes?!?!? It doesn't help that most of these guys are models: Tomoya is with Non-no, Yuki is 10/1 (jutoshi) Junon Boy 2013---he was in the same group Inaba Yu was in---and so on. Their MVs are the most refreshing I've seen since some of Vimclip's. It's mighty different, say, like, the total opposite of lol's and most of Da-iCE's heavy stuff. Just avoid both Rafflesia and Heroine if you don't like anything dark-ish, edgy from them. Like, a second grade A++. I just really feel sorry they've had to wear white most of the time to give their audience that refreshing look. >.< It must be difficult to eat and drink anything that can stain the whiteness of this group backstage. lol. They expressed the same thought in an interview or ustream show, if I recall correctly.

I'm not sure what the criteria for most people is when they judge song covers---SOLIDEMO has done a lot on their Avex youtube space---but I've long since decided that singing for me is singing; music is music, especially when it's something it strikes a personal chord. Some people prefer their older work: covers of pop songs with just a pianist (therefore most of the songs they covered were turned into really sleepy acoustic ballads) more than their new, EDM-backed sound. Others prefer the latter over the former while a few more like both their covers era and their new EDM-backed generic pop songs era. I'm part of the ones who like both SOLIDEMO eras although I lean more towards their EDM-backed generic pop songs era more. Either way, these really do not bother me as a SOLIDEMO fan. Neither should it bother you if you hope to support this group. I see nothing wrong with the transition this group made from acoustic, sleepy ballads to canned happy and refreshing, sometimes dancy generic pop music. If anything, their move was

Good singing, good looking guys, acceptable or decent dancing (despite not being as cool as Da-iCE's)...that's SOLIDEMO. I find myself listening more to their canned music these days I've even downloaded their tracks onto the iPad to tote around with me whenever I go somewhere. It's the appropriate music to doze off to and chill to while on the go.

girl, backless white dress, I want this dress

equal parts trashy, horrific, thrilling, sexy, mindless: on age-old trashy horror tv series

Trashy, slasher/psycho serial killer/vampire/zombie/werewolf with virile, lively teens or young adults within the ages of 18-25 immortalized horrifically on film is one thing...trashy, episodic horror stuff on tv is another.

I've been looking for good horror tv series to binge on that's not The Originals or The Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf. I seem to have a lot of issues with a lot of those these days and that's coming from someone who's grown up binging on Charmed on Monday nights back in the 90s and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Tuesdays or Wednesdays...I don't really remember anymore. I usually now prefer the short-lived horror tv series. So surfing through a site and wikipedia one day, I've finally found a few I can settle down with, snacks in hand and all. These should get me through the pain of having just lost Stalker when the television network holding the rights to that decided they're not having any more.

(photo source: here)
666 Park Avenue reminds me of a modern day-set Carnivale. I mean, you remember HBO's original tv series, Carnivale, right? The one that did not last until the end of the second season because HBO decided to fuck with it and cancel it? Yep. Thanks...for ruining what could have been a blissful, euphoric viewing pleasure, HBO. Anyway, back to 666 Park Avenue. This series---and is only one season-long---is set in one beautiful building in New York City, the Drake. In real life, it's the Ansonia building. I stated earlier that it reminded me of Carnivale, RIP that one, because of the element of the battle between good and evil. Except, of course, Carnivale is more consistent and more compelling there than 666 Park Avenue is. (I'm still bitter about HBO never wrapping up Carnivale nicely for its devoted fanbase and I think their fanbase is/was pretty solid until the end of the second season.) This theme, much to my and a lot of people's dismay, diminishes towards the end when both Henry and Jane, especially Jane, succumb to evil. Main leads are Gavin Doran and his wife Olivia, the latter played by the ever lovely Vanessa Williams and a young couple, Henry Martin and Jane Van Veen. In a nutshell, crazy things are happening in the Drake and you just have to watch the whole 13-episode season. ABC cancelled it after airing episode 13 so that was quite...a disappointment.

I've only seen quite a few episodes of 666 Park Avenue and from the synopsis of every episode I read on wikipedia, I do find it interesting. It's not much of a horror tv series... While you can say that HBO's a crude version of this series in terms of the themes they share, It leans more towards the Devil's Advocate kind interspersed with a little of Rosemary's Baby towards the end. A lot of reviews I've read on this does say that the series is reminiscent of both films. Others have even outlined the similarities it has with the latter. Still, my verdict is that 666 Park Avenue is enjoyable---because the couple-ship of Henry and Jane is just...shippable...they're adorable---despite it being rushed towards episode 13 and as some noted, its inconsistency. If you're the kind that's in for old horror/thriller/suspense films' nostalgia...this works as a reminder of those too. 666 Park Avenue does seem to draw inspiration from a lot of the older horror/thriller/suspense films of the past to build on its unique modern-day sophistication. I am pretty relieved it deviated from the novel series of the same title it was based on, however. I don't really see myself liking much of the series of novels this was based on from the synopsis of those I've read online.

Yep, I'm going to see this series to the end.

Oh, and before I forget...there are a lot of familiar faces in this series. Yes.

(photo source: here)

Hemlock Grove. Okay, so I'm a sucker for accurate portrayals of vampires and Hemlock Grove, despite being an Eli Roth produced series (I don't hate Eli Roth but for pointless gore, sex films he does...I...lied. I could hate him for being a useless contributor whatsoever to a genre I love: horror...) airing on Netflix, this is actually an interesting look into the upir---the mythical day-and-night-walking fanged monster (but good looking and sexy?) of Russia and the vargulf and other types of werewolf of the Eastern European region of the world. I guess, if I'm looking for trashy horror with a little bit of plot...this is what I should be getting into but too late because I'm having second thoughts now after skimming through the novel of the same title this series was adapted from. I've formed a love-hate relationship with half-human, half-upir Roman Godfrey and I just really am disinterested with werewolves and the whole concept of vampire-werewolf friendship. I don't really think they can ever be friends even in the fictional world. I do gravitate around the Roman-Letha shipping, incestuous as that may be as they're half-siblings...different mothers, same father. I think you get the gist of this series. Halfie upir Roman Godfrey befriends a werewolf, gyspy boy, Peter Rumancek as they try to solve some murder mystery in Hemlock Grove. It does sound like the kind of series I would get into...or not really. But I think if you've watched an episode of it and as I predict it actually radiates that trashy horror, slasher flick cut into 13 episodes for one season-vibe...then this is totally one series I can get behind.

I think the one thing that really put me off of this one is that it is a highly sexualized series. There's just so much pointless sex in there. Roth and gang put so much of it in there to demonize (or maybe, skewedly/twistedly maturize) the character of a 17-18 year-old boy fictional character. Guys like Roman are often usually in their early 20s with most being in their late 20s to early 30s or they could be bicentennial like Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The only character I'm really curious in here about is Letha Godfrey. Unlike the upirs and the werewolves in this series, she's actually surprisingly human---who thinks she's the Virgin Mary (the whole 'an angel impregnated me, fathered my child I'm currently pregnant with' delusion...). So, okay, there's still technically something wrong with her but outside of that, she's the most interesting character in this series for me so far. This is all basing on what I've read or skimmed through from the novel. Other than her storyline, I don't really care much for the series. The series doesn't really give out much since, especially the first season because the novel itself doesn't really have much substance and the lines are just...Grey-ish or outright trash horror flick-type like: ""Baby," said Peter, "my heart has no words. Your smile makes flowers grow and your tits could knock a rhino sideways. I love your ass to pieces and anything that pops out of you..."!?!?!?! What do I have to expect from a novel on vampires and werewolves written by a man (Brian McGreevy)?

The fact that Hemlock Grove, trashy as it may be, is my kind of vampire-werewolf trashy tv series however, puts me on a fence. I'll just let 666 Park Avenue keep me busy for now despite the fact that I think there's so much to improve on, still, with this one.

Those two aside that I'm expressing interest in, I'm still looking into more television series to watch or binge on. A few of them include the crime series Person of Interest and Beauty and the Beast. Now that Mad Men has ended, I'll add that one to my list as well. I've been complaining how a lot of good series or tv series with pilots that held a lot of promise or potential have been cancelled recently. I've caught a lot of those on ETC on cable like Eye Candy and even Star-Crossed to name a few and I'm just...just really disappointed right now at the fate of those tv shows. They're not my lifeline since I can do without some of them, but they were more interesting than anything on TV, local and international combined, mostly because they were new-ish. I think I'm more concerned that there are now close to 0.09% horror tv series existing on television today. Sure there's an abundance of crime dramas and some comedy stuff but nothing that can really hold the interest of the avid horror fan. And I did try Ravenswood but it's not my thing as Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf really aren't my cup of teas either.

Now, onto some things relating to real life. Ah, I will, officially, be having no stable internet at this time. The postpaid internet connection we have at home has just been completely and fully terminated because my dad decided it's better that we actually relied on everything prepaid. So I'll just be online sporadically. I'll just be focusing on blogging, movie- tv series- drama- downloading this time I won't even be flailing much on twitter anymore. :( Yep. Sad.I know. But this blog will be kept alive along with a few others.

If you guys want to contact me in some way, feel free to send me direct messages on Twitter, email me on the address provided on the intro post or just send me a private message through here.

And I shall see myself out now. I have a few posts to put up later in the month. Hint of things to look out for: a rundown of iconic horror films/flicks I deem classics, a rundown of 90s-2010s artsy, fashion-inclined movies and tv series I find really inspiring...among a few others. I'll just table them in draft format first on a Microsoft wordfile until I can get the time and resources to put them up on this blog.

hayate, te~haya, wada hayate, Da-iCE, cutie

on switching allegiances among other things

Life updates...I still have a few things to finish regarding MA thesis. I already did graduate on the 17th this month. I just need to produce 3 copies of the hardbound, finalized MA thesis for archiving purposes. Thus, perhaps, I'll get back to being busy from today until tomorrow...or Tuesday. It depends on how long it will take me to finish this thing and then receive it back from the thesis adviser. I'm due to go back to Dumaguete City when I've had my thesis corrected by the adviser and all. Yep, busy next few days again, starting with a Sunday. After that, it's job hunting time. We'll see what happens by then. There are still a few more things up on my date book including a trip to Manila with the dad and brother...but I don't really know much about that either yet. Next year, summer, will be pretty crazy, I suppose. It all starts with a month off to do something...something. I'll divulge things when they become final. Nothing's set yet.

Anyway, in a nutshell, I'm back to phase 0 - deciding on whatever's to come next. Also, in real time, I'm currently sick with colds so bear with me a bit... I'm probably coming through well as a grouch at this time around the people I live with... *sorryyyyy!!!*

I also hardly hang outside because at this time, I feel like I need a new set of friends considering the people I'm closest to are currently out of the city. ;A; It's basically, the only reason I don't have a life at this point in time. Finding people with similar interests I have isn't exactly a walk in the park especially now that everyone else is busy moving on with their lives and I feel like I'm still stuck in the middle of nowhere after having worked at home for so long (which pretty much diminished my circle of friends).

On a rather higher, more positive note, I went on a sabbatical from everything internet-related last weekend to Camiguin Island with the dad and his colleagues at the physical rehab center. Highlight of it was the half day I spent under the sun and by the sand and surf in two smaller islands: White Island and Mantigue Island. Needless to say, I want to go back!!! ;A; Or, you know, I can take another sabbatical some other time somewhere in Medina when I'm free enough to use one of the cars at home. My brother currently monopolizes them so I can't drive anything else out. Either way, I have nowhere to go ever I got to use them...and my parking skills still suck.


But when a lot of things change, there is something that remains constant: fandom. Eh? What else is there for/to me, anyway? Nope. I still don't have a shrine to my jidols or something like it. I haven't gone to that deep end yet and won't go into that end any day either. (My head is still attached to my neck, thanks, and I like it that way.)

Ah, regarding my social media accounts...since I focus so much more on real life now, I'm only semi-active on twitter, mostly my flailing account: @kg_0917. Not so active on tumblr unless there's something I need to post on there. I'd still update things from time to time. I just can't guarantee consecutive days of being online on twitter or some other anymore these days. I don't have an aversion to social media granted I don't have a facebook account anymore for 4-5 years now or so but it's, more like I have other things to put my energies into other than broadcasting my whole life online.

Anyway, fandom...yep, fandom updates.

In case you missed the memo, I've gone a full 360 degree-turn in terms of Jpop fandom stanning. Instead of dividing my flailing time going to and from Amuse, Avex and Ebidan among other jimushous in Japan and those that make up the Japanese entertainment machinery, I've now turned into a full-time Avex groups' stan. Not so much on AAA - I still love their inter-member dynamics - but more on Dream5, Da-iCE and the new-ish one called lol (エルオーエル). You can look into it on my flailing twitter account's newly revamped profile. I still do like Ebidan but being just an agency comprising of groups made up of boys and men...well, it's become somewhat boring a dynamic to look into and decipher for me. Da-iCE is enough a boys' group to stan for me since Vimclip's demise a couple of weeks ago or so. I'm currently more interested in the coed groups coming out of Avex like lol (エルオーエル). I'm also pretty sure this group is not the last coed one to come out from Avex so I'm just camping around here to see what else the agency/company comes up with...

Considering I've been closely following lol (エルオーエル), Dream5 and Da-iCE lately on twitter, on instagram and even their Line accounts and Ameblo blogs...and considering how I am far more updated with their activities than I am of others' I usually tweet or flail about everywhere...I guess you could say this sort of switch of fandom allegiances was coming sooner or later. I'd still post about Ebidan groups once in a while and maybe some actors from various jimushos that I like but I'm shifting focus to Avex groups from here on out. This is most likely in time for Avex's upcoming Asia Progress event set on August 6 this year but well, not really as Avex groups, in general, will be littering this blog from this time on.

Wrapped around in Dream5's little fingers...
Ah, this was coming. Has anyone ever seen their 2014 TIF con and their 5th Anniversary Live (2014) at Zepp Tokyo? They've grown up quite all I have to say. I'm only waiting for their sound to mature some more and then for them to transition into AAA 2.0. Alas, I can only hope for their music style to stabilize like Da-iCE's and lol but it's not going to happen and I'm pretty sure they are going in AAA's direction musically. That's a disappointment to me because AAA never had a signature sound they can be consistent with unlike Da-iCE. If there's anything Dream5 is being good at, it's them being a kids group and living up to it by releasing Yokai Taisou Daijin.

That aside, I'm kind of currently tempted to get their first stylebook that was just recently released. That is, if there are still some copies left. Notice though that it's a Stylebook and not necessarily a photobook. Like what was done with AAA, it seems that Avex is taking precautions over Dream5's image as a coed group of 1 boy and 4 girls. They already have a no romantic love between members or no dating between members clause in their contracts like perhaps what AAA has so releasing a group photobook over a stylebook is a risk Avex is not willing to take on Dream5. Also, AAA never did release any photobook (or even a Dream5-esque Stylebook) as a group which is, I think, overdue for AAA. This is actually what I really like about Avex's coed groups and how they are managed, especially with how their image is being handled: it's the conservative talent over shallow facevalue marketing ploy that's somewhat similar to LDH's girl groups Flower, E-girls, Dream, etc. I'm currently just...contemplating this seeing as I have Da-iCE first album as #1 on my to-buy list for now...

Waiting for my Da-iCE 1st photobook to arrive...
Hopefully, it won't be any longer now. ;A; I can't wait to see its contents. I don't have a scanner so I won't be posting scans of it online. The Da-iCE fandoms on tumblr might already have them up, though. At this point, when I do get a job eventually a couple months or so later, I might have to spend my first salary on their first album. lol. That and probably something else useful from their official store.

That new Avex coed group called lol (エルオーエル)...
lol or エルオエル...yep, I know. I have about -1 percent knowledge of or awareness of what that abbreviation means. A friend on twitter mentioned it'd be 'lots of love' but knowing Avex's weird naming sense - AAA as an abbreviation for Attack All Around for example - I'm not going to assume anything...yet...anyway. Ah yes, a new group that just started their activities this year. Also, they're a coed group comprising of 2 guys: Naoto and Yusuke and 3 girls: Moca, Hibiki and Honoka. So far, their music - Fire and Heartbeat - is pretty decent, I do hope they keep up this music style and Avex doesn't mess it up like they did and continue to do with AAA and Dream5. Their dancing is fierce. Their fashion is fierce. And, I assume, they're following Da-iCE's example in terms of music judging from a tweet their staff outted earlier that had them hanging out with White Jam's male singer (songwriter and producer). Here's to hoping that Avex doesn't mess up this group like they did and continue to do Dream5 and AAA. The former doesn't, yet, have any signs of a beautifully smooth transition from a kids' group to a more grown up one even when I think it's high time they went through that.
Also, lol (エルオーエル) just had their single release. Apart from Da-iCE's first album, this might be the second on my to-buy hitlist when I get a job and a stable source of income. Dream5's Stylebook will have to come last. ;A; Yep, priorities...haha.

There's not much to tell about lol (エルオーエル) because they're (hyper) active on twitter. You can follow them on their staff twitter, their individual twitter accounts, Hibiki's ameblo blog and even Honoka's instagram account if you want updates on their activities. As for the basics: they were formed for the anime, Tribe Cool Crew (also has a twitter account). They sing its ending, I think - Heartbeat. They're comprised of people already within Avex's walls: Yusuke is a 2013 auditionee, Naoto was at one time a member of aLovaL Boys West with Nagae Ryoki - from the MTK period where Dream5 was also founded, Hibiki is an auditionee for Tokyo Girls Collection and therefore a model...I'm not sure where Honoka and Moca comes in yet. We'll see as they progress as a group some more this year.

All three groups have their own Line accounts as well. If you'd like to be updated on every social media platform regarding these groups' activities/whereabouts, then follow them everywhere? If I'm not mistaken, they have facebook accounts as well. They're infinitely easier to follow and interact with compared to those from other agencies. It's the other thing I like about Avex's groups apart from being insanely talented enough to carry their wholesome image through.

On another note but still connected to the Avex fandom...does it seem like a lot of actors from the said agency are becoming even more active in the other constant fandom in my life: tokusatsu?! The current pink Ninninger is from Avex.

I'm still following both tokusatsus: Kamen Rider Drive and Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, of course. I don't have stable internet connection in my room so I only download these once a week. I haven't been following any Jfilm, SPs - the last I fawned over was 461 ko no Arigato - or Jdrama recently except for Kokoro ga Pokitto ne which seems to be ending. I haven't even updated with the latter yet because my laptop is running out of space for it. I have a ton of unwatched completed Jdramas though. They have no subs but I don't really mind. I'll probably marathon Naze Tōdōin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo Dekinai no ka sometime soon. As to when, I'm not really sure yet. I haven't been too active recently when it comes to watching films and dramas. I did drown myself in on the kdrama, Marriage without Love or Marriage not Love late last week, though. There's really not much to write about these yet. Maybe next time when something really grips me hard. So far, nothing has come out on top which is...pretty...sad and probably telling of how the Japanese creativity has gone down when it comes to producing entertaining jdramas and stuff. :(

I'll try my best to be more active in the jfandom some other time especially when it comes to fawning over jactors but it seems, to me, lately that I find artists easier to follow hence why I wallow in the Avex groups' fandoms. Their music releases are so much more easier to follow year in and year out compared to the projects my favorite actors have. I don't think I even have a favorite actor or actress anymore. I just go by with whatever it is I see from my downloads.

As for the western fandom...

I'm going to marathon The Flash to the end later when I'm free-er. And by that, I mean when I'm fully done with the thesis. I haven't updated myself on Gotham yet. I'm currently waiting for Supergirl to come on and Melissa Bennoist to bomb her role as Kara...and because the series also has Aly McBeal's Calista Fockhart I'm currently stanning this one so hard. I haven't caught up to the recent episodes of Stalker yet. As for films...I missed to watch Mad Max in the theaters. I will continue to miss it. I will probably watch the new Jurassic Park flick...with the brother dear no less, before he leaves for Manila for school in the Ateneo. I'm still dying to watch the Age of Adaline but I haven't gone out of the house for awhile so... (I'm also not going out much because I'm conserving money for a last trip to Dumaguete and back coming soon.) Lastly, I may or may not watch the new Fantastic Four...we'll see as I want to see how Kate Mara does there as Sue Storm, one of my favorite Marvel females.

And that's about it for my life updates. Does it seem like a lot? Eh? Ok.


the endless task of tidying up

Completely decluttering takes ages. To me, it's actually a lifelong process. It's just not easy to simplify in under time limit of, say, roughly half a year. But the effort of declutting little by little pays off tremendously. I've seen it do wonders for myself as I try to live as simply as I can. Which is probably why I find Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up an interesting text to read. I came across it first on an article on Yahoo. I'm considering getting it when I have enough of my own hard-earned funds already. What I really like about the book is that it heavily applies East Asian culture, tradition, beliefs and practices to the act of tidying up, particularly that of the Japanese'. I've always found the Japanese lifestle fascinating, most especially the simplest ones.

Decluttering here does not only mean cleaning up your room or living space periodically. It also means doing away with the unnecessary distractions in life. Maybe cutting off ties with toxic, so-called friends; perhaps, also, attempting to live a simpler life with minimal weekends partying out; also, cutting out the drama we have aplenty, and more. And this, well, this will always be difficult and 6 months is not enough to complete something like this unless you're a demon or superhuman and are determined to do so with said time limit.

Lately, my philosophy to decluttering has become 'keep the functional/necessary then throw away the non-functional/unnecessary'. Sounds difficult, right? It is, especially when you have a lot of things you've accumulated since childhood from close friends, immediate family, relatives and more. These things are so precious to you it's just difficult to part ways with them. When it comes to things like these, by principle, I don't give them away to others. If I did, I usually give them away to people I know who will take better care of them for me.

Also, lately, I haven't really been fond of a lot of things I were given except when they are those most useful to me. If it's make-up or clothes, I make sure to use them then if I grow out of them - and I usually do so, quickly - that's the time I give them away. I've been so picky lately that I end up giving away to the closest girls in my life the things that do not fit my current tastes. What I tend to keep, though, are the smallest of mementos I get. Hand-penned letters and notes, birthday cards, some figurines, etc. I keep them in a small shoebox, up the top shelf of my closet. It serves as some sort of time capsule for me.

This thought is also difficult to follow through if you're into a lot of things like me. Books, records or everything music, film and television, fashion among others. Everything related to this will eventually clutter your space and then distract you even more. But I learned a hack and it's that I have a ton of things I usually grow quickly off of. My books - mostly novels or pocketbooks - I've had since I was in grade school to high school to college, I've kept in a huge megabox along with a few other things. Clothes I've grown out of are in another megabox of the same size and color (white). All I've left in my bookshelf back home are books I have yet to read. These are often the timeless classics. Then, of course, the ever indispensable fashion magazines I can never get enough of. There are just some things that one can never have enough of and these, perhaps, are those that bring us joy.

Everything has a place. Decluttering is easiest when done in conjunction with organizing. That's exactly what cabinets, some shoeboxes and more are for. I have one cabinet full of stationeries, about two shoeboxes of shopping bags I can later reuse, a shoebox or two of mementos, another shoebox for everything I use for sewing. All the shoeboxes are on the top-most part of my little closet. There's no need to label, really. I don't. I just designate boxes for things I've put in the same category. It makes looking for things a lot easier. 

Maximize, minimize, repurpose and everything can be multi-purpose - if you just use your vast imagination. Don't throw away those boxes that come with every little thing that you buy! You can still use them for a ton of things. My space in the pad I live in during school days does not have a shoe rack. I just use my (16" desk) fan's box topped with three empty shoeboxes as one. I only have very little pairs shoes here to begin with. The two filled-up megaboxes I have at home are stacked on top of each other and positioned at the side of my bed. They act as a bedside table because I don't really have one yet.

This thought also appies to a lot of the things that I buy nowadays. I'm a serial thrift shopper thanks to the good thrift shops around here in Dumaguete City. I also raid the Bench shops in both Lee Plaza and Robinsons' mall in Calindagan for...mostly basics and lingerie - we don't have a Forever21 or Uniqlo or H&M around here. But that's the thing: BASICS. Over time, I've evolved into someone who prefers everything basic that serve multiple purposes. Solid white t-shirts and another one in gray; a t-shirt in gray and black stripes; a baseball shirt in mostly gray (sleeves are black); three printed shirts; 3-4 pairs of leggings; solid white and gray racerback tank tops; 2 black and 1 cream tank top (spaghetti straps);  black heels; solid navy blue walking shoes and another one in solid white - both made from canvas and a bit of rubber; cream, white, black formal-ish shirts; a couple of mini-skirts, one in tan and another in solid black; 4 denim shorts; and three slip dresses. I do have a few items for sleeping and working out as well but they're not a lot either. These are what comprise my current wardrobe in the unitown. Back home, I have the same color palette as the one I have here. It's because I think these are the ones that get the most wear. They're the most functional.

I don't usually think about anything when I go into stores to buy stuff. If I find something attractive to me, I would get it. Other than that, I always think practical. For instance, I would always buy what's the most practical for this climate. I tend to gravitate around articles of clothing that I can picture myself using everywhere. Slip can wear them out, you can sleep on them, and you can do virtually nothing productive in them, too. Denim shorts will always be staple in this tropical country. Why wear jeans when there are the much more comfortable slacks or trousers?! The only pair of jeans I have surviving my last decluttering is one from Target that's in's a pair of skinnies with zippers on either leg; and a pair of light denim, wide-legged ones (bell-bottoms) from...I don't know where my relatives bought them. I usually opt out of them when they're too hot to wear outside.

I'm not perfectly organized nor am I completely minimalistic. I can't really ever be because I'm too laidback to be that anal. Also, that type of personality is a pet peeve of mine. But I see nothing wrong in trying to be minimalistic. Sure, you can never have too much of something but don't, at least, get it to the point where everywhere you see in your room is clutter. Really, though, whatever makes you happy...makes you happy.

Anyway, I'm finally done with the thesis, hopefully and it's the nervewracking waiting game part 2 now on going and I have zero plans of going out and rewarding myself with something. Not even a speck of halo-halo that I am slightl craving for. I figure, I'll keep it simple at this time and just reward myself with a workout in later at 5:00 p.m. which consists of a few minutes of zumba to build up cardio resistance for a run I am scheduling next week or so followed by a total body workout via Tracy Anderson's Perfect Design I as usual. Or maybe I'll go for Ballet Beautiful today. I'm not really sure yet. Also, I plan on inhaling a movie or two...or three with just me myself and I. As to what that movie is, I'm not sure yet. I want to watch something that's pretty recent but we shall see. I'll check what's on my external storage drive. I need a new one, too, since this is almost full to the brim. I need a 2tb one this time. My plan to unwind is actually quite dull by the looks of it but I'm trying to schedule stuff these days so I don't remain too idle. I suppose it makes life more fun now.


when music is supposed to be just drama-less music & nothing should hurt...

"Just not too much auto-tune." "They should tone down the auto-tune if they want to improve their music."

Honestly? I'm sick of this cliched, tired and tried criticism on pop music, especially on the new ones out today. It's also always from people who think they know how the whole music industry works when all they really think about is how the singing talent should be the only thing to make a good song go round. They've never even been inside a recording booth/venue. Also, don't start with me because I've been there - I used to dislike auto-tune, too - so I know and I was a huge stan of American Idol, Pop Idol, Australian and South African Idol that I was completely saturated in talented singing back then. But if that were the case, that we're only going to focus on flawless singing, the music world would be one boring, bland thing of the past I probably would've gotten over with by now. Especially now that my itunes is a schizophrenic thing that mixes a lot of pop, punk, electronic-music from the 80s to the 90s to the 2000s, from the indies to the mainstream and I'm looking to add more. Also, FUCK YOU who can't appreciate these things because you're boring.

It's like these people never grew up around late 80s-90s pop music that used synth a lot. I grew up around Rick Astley in the late 80s segueing towards the early 90s thanks to my teeny bopper aunts from the maternal side of the family and the local pop-music playing radio stations at that time. Also, one of them exposed me to a lot of really good film soundtracks like Ghost's Unchained Melody and the more superior, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now from the film, Mannequin. Seriously, where have you guys been when I was bopping my nubile 3-5 years old head/self to glorious synthed pop that derived from the dance-oriented 80s' New Wave genre? Duran Duran? A-ha? Culture Club? And for the jpop side, even before I knew Jpop: Globe? Pizzicato 5? Considering it's synthed pop, it very likely used the auto-tune as that one is technicaly a synthesizer focusing on the vocals. You guys disappoint me, frankly speaking. This is why you can never appreciate good pop music coming out today and all you do is criticize new music pointlessly. You don't even listen to a variety of them.

I get it you want to be different and you want to be recognized for your singing prowess - to be honest, you're just a try-hard like the rest of the generic music copycatting belters out there, you're no different - but it gives you no legit right to criticize new pop music when you don't even know a tinsy bit of pop music history especially the machinery that produce it.

Also, it's not like your female Jidols do not use auto-tune because they actually do. More than half the jidol industry can't, for the life of them, sing, honestly speaking. The same with Johnny's & Associates. Plus there's no ounce of creativity in their bones. It's always the same boring masquerading as happy music that they churn out on a yearly basis it's getting tiring to listen to. Or your faves. Do you want me to tear them apart to you? See those buttons on outside of the record booths? One or some of those function similarly to auto-tune. So your faves saying they're not auto-tuning are likely feeding you bullshit. (Except maybe Martina McBride and Celine Dion - but I don't care much for Celine because she got boring to me so faster than a blinking eye.) Let me reiterate, AUTO-TUNE IS A SOUND/VOICE SYNTHESIZER MUCH LIKE A VOCODER IS. It's integral and needed if you want a good record to come out of the recording process.

If you're going tell me synth pop is not music because it uses auto-tune and synthesizers, please get the fuck out of the fandom and live your boring real lives away from me I don't really care much for. I don't need you here also your opinions are irrelevant. This isn't your fucking playground that you would have the guts to criticize every artist that comes out with new material. You don't even have an inkling of what goes on within the machinery of the pop music industry.

Also, if you're going to go the route of accusing me of not knowing my basic music theory: I took 2-3 years of classical singing lessons, I went through 2-3 grades (Kinder, grade 1 and 2) in classical piano, I self-teach myself the guitar. I know my music staff, my g and f clefs, my notes, my rhythm, my sharps and flats among others. And I may be rusty in note reading and not the fastest at it but I have an inkling of music theory because of my musical roots and the irrevocable fact that is: MY LIFE REVOLVED AND CONTINUES TO REVOLVE AROUND MUSIC SINCE I FIRST TOOK THE GUITAR AT AROUND AGE 11-12. Before that, it was boybands for me but that was the early to mid 90s. Yep, TRY ME. When I got home from my music lessons, I used to lock myself up in my room and belt Carrie Underwood stuff and Kelly Clarkson stuff to test my newly acquired bordering on mezzo soprano range. My love for pop music is just greater than my love for classic, traditional music, however and experimental pop that utilizes a lot of synthesizers including auto-tune is now the best kind in my book. It's also the hardest to replicate or play live because like the Petshop Boys fired to critics of the use of playback tracks or backing tracks during lives in the case of electronic-music, it's a mess if those didn't exist and artists had to really play their electro-music live with separate techs. You are aware that the issue on the use of playback tracks/backing tracks in lives were a bigger issue in the pop music world in the 90s more than auto-tune was, right? No? Let me jog your memory back to the early days of Channel V and MTV: TOP OF THE POPS had many artists complain about the use of playback tracks on their segments. Elton John accused Madonna of lipsynching in her concerts because she used playback tracks/backing tracks.

I don't think you guys really get the mechanisms of pop music, it's industry, it's rich history, the highly creative minds behind it especially the indie ones that still give us really good synth pop music to this date: Passion Pit for one. Maybe even Sun Airway. More than the fact that I feel sorry for your estranged-ness to this side of music, I pity you for your backward thinking. It's like the rest of us have moved forward to past the 21st century and you're still stuck there around the 60s-70s. It's a sad thing really. You don't even deserve the title of: music lover/music enthusiast and if you ever self-label as a pop music genius and are this much of a hypocrite re: synthesizers, I suggest you get out now before I...I don't know. I've stopped caring already for people with really limited views on pop music. It's useless anyway. And I'm just pointlessly spending energy I should be using for other things.

Yep, sure singing is the more important thing in music. Please. I've had enough of your delusions. The better pop music these days are those that root from the underground edm-synth pop movement. They have been so for about 3 decades and counting now. Especially those that have found the healthy balance between really good singing, good musical arrangement and the healthy, tasteful use of synth. And in Japan, that's Avex (and Universal Music Japan, etc) for you, peasants.

You see, I've moved on from just being fixated on artists/people who can sing. THEY ARE NOT SOLELY WHAT MAKES MUSIC GLORIOUS. You cannot simply discount or discredit the people who work hard behind them to give them the best records around that shoot up to the music charts on their release date. These people include the (multi)-instrumentalists, the DJ-producers (AVICII, ZEDD, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, etc), the sound techs, cleaners and they all report to the SOUND/MUSIC PRODUCER *cough*OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder*cough*. So basically, saying you don't like/hate auto-tune and other kinds of synthesizers is indirectly attacking these professionals that give you good pop music to stan. It's basically a desecration to pop music and music as a whole especially when it is advancing without your help with your so-called 'legit' but not really criticism. You're actually just embarrasing yourself (like Elton did vs Madonna that he had to retract his statement partly later on...).

Honestly just singing is boring. Plus the competition is just as boring because you're pretty sure there's always someone who'll be better than you at it. If you want to stay in the dark ages of music and remain just boring, that's you. But I'm pretty sure it'll be mess if you tried to stan some things music that I don't care much for...

Say something against auto-tune and playback tracks/backing tracks in lives especially to me one more time and you can face my schizophrenic itunes playlist, my headphones and miniscule but fierce speakers. You can converse with them. I'm done speaking with you.


Also, P.S.
Singers who can sing well actually also use auto-tune. They consider it a safety-net: Shania Twain for one. I'm pretty sure there are others aside from her.